Patch Notes

2021-07-11: Beta

  • Fixed Olol spinning sprite to improve traversal on ice

2021-07-03: Beta

  • Updated NekoPresence for x64 support
  • Fixed crash when clicking empty/hidden editor items
  • Fixed bug where Discord Rich Presence was not showing new icon
  • Fixed bug where collecting a gem that would free a biter would not result in the biter chasing the player
  • Fixed bug where player would slide forever if they slid into a slime or ice cube
  • Fixed bug where editing a level, exiting, creating a new level, and playing it would use the color of the original editor
  • Added option to enable/disable interpolation
  • Added laser firing animation
  • Added laser firing sound
  • Disabled interpolation by default
  • Completely rewrote skulls to make them less janky
  • Reordered level editor items
  • Adjusted collision mask of icy floors so it's not as easy to accidentally walk on them
  • Adjusted collision checking code for buttons so it's harder to accidentally press them

2021-04-20: Beta

  • Fixed bug where exiting level editor would leave the cursor stuck as a pointer if still hovering over one of the buttons.
  • Fixed bug where standing directly behind a block that is directly in front of a cannon can kill the player.
  • Fixed bug where ice trails would not disappear if their corresponding ice cube had been destroyed with a power gem.
  • Fixed bug where friendly ice cubes could slide across dirt and grass. This was unintended.
  • Added Play button to level editor.
  • Added support to quit directly to level editor.
  • Added new Olol image now used on the title screen, website, etc thanks to Sophie Tinney!
  • Added new environmental object: icy floors. Their slippery surface allows both blocks and Olol to slide across them. But due to the lack of traction, blocks cannot be pushed if Olol is on ice. Plan accordingly!
  • Increased size of friendly ice cubes to be in-line with other block types.
  • Changed intro sequence before going to title screen to use only the new intro.
  • Added 64-bit support to Windows. Performance should improve across the board!

2021-02-22: Beta

  • Added Discord Rich Presence. Now the game will show up in Discord while you're playing it, and show which level you're currently playing.
  • Added a level editor into the game! No need to switch back and forth between the web-based level editor and the game (though you still can if you want to). Mouse and keyboard-only for the time being.
  • Added new friendly ice cube - behaves like an ice cube, but you can push it in any direction and it will slide until it stops! Behaves like ice cubes do though, meaning dirt/grass/water/oneways will still stop it.
  • Added ability to delete levels in-game.
  • Added proper intro screen. "Olol Team" is a placeholder for the time being.
  • Redesigned blocks so that they are path-based instead of pixel snap-based. Now you need to push a block for a moment and it will slide to its intended destination.
  • Redesigned the level Unfair Advantage as it was made impossible due to the new block mechanics.
  • Simplified movement using binary masking.
  • Adjusted custom level screen to show new help for the level editor.
  • Updated antiquated game icon.

2020-09-11: Beta

  • Fixed bug where biters could kill Olol if they were diagonally apart.
  • Fixed bug with sense cannons firing when Olol is behind them.
  • Fixed bug with sense cannons firing too far away from themselves, meaning Olol could walk right in front of them.
  • Fixed oneway tile flashing animation to be less janky.
  • Fixed bug where buttons on dirt/grass may not properly get pressed.
  • Fixed bug where charging ice would not collide with frozen ice.
  • Fixed bug where lasers would not get blocked by impassable enemies.
  • Gems are now solid, meaning enemies/projectiles cannot pass through them and blocks cannot move over them.
  •     (Boom Boom Garden and Test of Skull were updated to reflect this as they were made impossible with the changes)
  • Changed lasers so they will not fire a warning shot in red levels.
  • Added melting trail to ice cubes.

2020-08-31: Beta

  • Added support for different level colors. Custom levels can now have their color customized from the editor. Stay tuned for how level colors play into standard levels!
  • Added functionality so Esc can also pause the game.
  • Added level title to the UI, so now you can see the level name in fullscreen (and on consoles in the future).
  • Added ability to die faster - press Restart while dying to die instantly.
  • Added flashing animation to oneway tiles while Olol is walking on them.
  • Changed diagonal movement so you cannot walk on oneway tiles. You must be walking only in the direction of the oneway to move on it.
  • Changed biters' sprites to make their limbs more visible and make their eyes less derpy.
  • Changed biters' movement to be much more intelligent, they will no longer randomly pirouette or move diagonally.
  • Masks now stop the level music when they flip, making their flipping sound that much more ominous! OooOoOoOoooOooo!
  • Made the level Laser Hall smaller and more graceful in terms of handling player error.
  • Fixed bug where skulls could bounce through oneway tiles.
  • Fixed the level Test of Skull where a yellow skull could get stuck between the wall and a rock.
  • Fixed bug where Esc in the pause menu did not play a sound.
  • Fixed bug where Olol's sprite would always walk up or down when moving diagonally.
  • Fixed bug where buttons placed on dirt or grass would always be considered pressed.
  • Potentially fixed bug where Olol could get stuck while walking diagonally on dirt or grass against a wall.

2020-05-13: Beta

  • Changed Olol's sprite - now he's a cute little bomb!
  • Changed Olol movement to 8-directional.
  • Added hold toggle buttons. These buttons will only toggle as long as they are held down.
  • Improved button sprites to make them more visible. They also now have two different sprites to show when they are pressed.
  • Changed toggle blocks to animated jelly pillars.
  • Increased range at which lasers will show their warning.
  • Made biters just a bit faster, and fixed an issue where they could get close to Olol and then not bite.
  • Adjusted hitbox for Olol to be more consistent.
  • Added new levels and remixed old ones, now 14 in total.

2020-04-26: Beta

  • Added version number to title screen.
  • Added new music tracks.
  • Added credits screen and option to view credits from title screen.
  • Added options menu with volume controls for music and SFX.
  • Improved walking animation while scooching.
  • Fixed interaction with biters and toggle blocks.
  • Power gems now show an outline of themselves when they cannot be collected as opposed to hiding entirely.
  • Updated rock collision box to be the same as walls.
  • Exiting a custom level will now take you to the custom level menu.
  • Fixed bug where quitting a custom level and selecting a new custom level would take you right back to the menu.
  • Fixed bug with time not being reset when exiting a custom level and entering another.
  • Fixed issue with blocks clipping into other objects when pushed to the right or down.
  • Fixed bug where lasers could detect Olol even if he is behind them.
  • Added 10 actual, official levels.
  • Added "to be continued" screen once levels are all finished.
  • Improved mask graphics.
  • Improved visibility of gems.
  • Increased movement speed of biters (from 50% Olol's speed to 75%)
  • Pressing right and left in the custom level menu will now scroll by a half a page at a time.
  • Fixed crash related to toggle block buttons and biter pathing.
  • Web level editor now adjusts the board size based on the window size. Should be usable with more resolutions.
  • Improved web level editor browser compatibility and reliability of loading changes.

2019-02-07: Alpha

  • Adjusted help text positioning to make better use of space
  • Added one-way tiles and a button that toggles the rotation of one-way tiles
  • Added toggle blocks
  • Added help menu to title screen
  • Added custom levels! Build levels in the level editor, export them, and place the files in %localappdata%\Olol\CustomLevels. Then go to Custom from the title screen and play!
  • Added actual, official levels (many more to come)
  • Added an intro screen
  • Added title screen music (with more to come later)
  • Completely redesigned how levels are built to avoid duplicating code and troubleshooting effort due to the addition of custom levels
  • Added "scooching" - if you are walking towards a wall and an opening is close enough, you will automatically move towards the opening and continue walking
  • Tweaked ice pathing logic so they need to get closer to you before they freeze
  • Fixed a bug where the window title showed the name of the last played level even after returning to the title menu
  • Fixed a bug where walking animation would sometimes be stuck on pushing animation after walking away from a block having just pushed one
  • Fixed a bug where the controller help screens would show reversed actions for A and B buttons

2019-01-06: Alpha

  • Completely redesigned graphics for biters.
  • Completely redesigned graphics for skulls.
  • Improved graphics for slimes.
  • Improved graphics for ice.
  • Added sound effects for a lot of aspects of the game including menus, gem interaction, cannons, pausing, death, and level completion.
  • Doubled the width of the exit gate.
  • Potentially fixed a bug where slimes could make Olol stuck and unable to move in any direction except away from them.
  • Added a list of controls to the pause screen which will show controller or keyboard inputs based on what you used to pause the game. A help screen with menu navigation controls will be added in

2018-12-16: Alpha

  • Updated graphics for floors, walls, gates, Olol, title screen, and password screen.
  • Olol now has hands! Also added a new animation for pushing blocks.
  • Added hint tiles and the displaying of hint messages.
  • New name! Olol & The Oubliette of Intellect.
  • Added fullscreen toggle and window resizing.

2018-11-24: Alpha

  • Made the time bonus less forgiving. It will go down more quickly the more time you take.
  • Fixed sense cannons not being able to target the player if they were too close in some circumstances.
  • Fixed slimes, ice cubes, and biters being able to walk on top of one another.
  • Fixed a crash on the password entry screen.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player could partially clip into a water tile and then "stutter step".

2018-11-20: Alpha

  • Fixed a bug which should significantly improve performance in levels with lots of sense cannons and/or laser turrets, especially on older hardware - Level 5 (Cannons II) should feel much smoother now.

2018-11-20: Alpha

  • Added the ability to press multiple directional keys and override the previous direction.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's death animation did not finish correctly.
  • Score and time system - picking up gems gives you points, and you receive a score bonus based on your time in the level. Time doesn't reset if you die, so be careful!
  • Part 1 of the password system. Passwords aren't currently useful, but they are being generated!

2018-11-12: Alpha

Here is version, or the first alpha build. In this build, we are introduced to the core mechanics of the game - navigate rooms, avoid traps and enemies, collect gems, go to the next stage. All graphics are placeholders. Sounds are also nonexistent as I am not a sound designer. Improved graphics and sounds will come at a later date.

The environmental objects are as follows:

  • Dirt, grass: Blocks most enemy pathing but the player can walk on it fine.
  • Water: Blocks most enemy pathing as well as the player's movement.
  • Rocks: Blocks enemy pathing, player movement, and projectiles.
  • Blocks: Can be pushed to avoid obstacles. Comes in three varieties: red (horizontal only), blue (vertical only), and purple (omnidirectional).

The enemy types are as follows:

  • Auto Cannons: These light grey cannons automatically shoot cannonballs, albeit slowly.
  • Sense Cannons: These dark grey cannons shoot cannonballs faster than the auto cannons but only when the player crosses their line of sight. Their line of sight can be blocked with a block.
  • Laser Cannons: These cannons warn the player when they get close, and if the warning is not heeded they fire a laser that instantly kills the player. Like the sense cannons, their line of sight can be blocked with a block.
  • Slimes: Slimes move slowly towards the player and try to get in their way. Blue slimes will always move vertically before they more horizontally. Red slimes will always move horizontally before they move vertically.
  • Ice Cubes: Ice cubes move slowly towards the player but once they have him in their line of sight, they quickly slide towards the player. If they get in contact with the player, they will freeze in place, potentially blocking progress. Blue ice cubes will always move vertically before they more horizontally. Red ice cubes will always move horizontally before they move vertically.
  • Skulls: Skulls bounce off solid surfaces aimlessly and are fatal to the player. There are three types (green, yellow, red; only green and yellow are in this build) which simply move faster than their previous counterpart.
  • Biters: Biters track the player down, moving in the shortest path possible to get to the player. If they touch the player, it's curtains.
  • Masks: Last but not least, masks are completely harmless... until the last pink gem is collected. After that, they flip over and rapidly charge the player down, killing him if they catch up to him. Grab the blue gem quickly to get rid of them!
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